Salutation by the President of the Masonic Institution, George Vasilogeorgis

The Masonic Institution of Greece, one of the oldest institutions in the country, has throughout its long course zealously supported education and charity. A plethora of night schools for the laboring youth, the operation of orphanages, the Hellenic Cancer Society, the Asylum of Invalids, the SOS villages, and the Organization Against Drugs, are only some of the several institutions which have benefitted from our activities.

Modern masons, following the bright example of their predecessors, strive toward becoming standout examples for society, expressing love and solidarity toward all mankind through their actions discreetly, and always maintaining a “low profile”.  

The Board of the Masonic Institution set the objectives of its charitable work in supporting the following categories: granting of scholarships to under-privileged students, supporting institutions for people with disabilities throughout the Greek vicinity, supporting special schools for disabled youths, and under-privileged people facing hunger and marginalization.

We hope more collective, as well as personal initiatives follow our example in such a way, that the God of Love’s command to “Love Thy Neighbor” benefits humanity in its entirety.